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Benefits of Living and Working in Other Countries

Residing outside the country is one of the saddest decisions a person will ever make, particularly if he/she has a strong family relationship. But despite this, many still neglect and set aside this depressing consequence, since they believe that working and living in other nations with abundant opportunities is the best way to fulfill their ambitions and dreams.

In recent years, according to several surveys, most workers have chosen to immigrate because they are no longer happy with the amount they earn monthly inside of their different localities, burn out with their current employers, poverty, and many more reasons. We could not really refute their motives for leaving, considering that most of the time, those who are likely to find a job and live outside are a little happier, knowing that the pay for jobs outside is almost tripled and the benefits they received are far better compared to the pay and services they get if they chose not to leave and just stay.

To prove this, here are some excellent details why working in other countries is a safe way to go if you want to provide a quality life for your family in the future. Let’s start with Canada. In the annual 2021 Best Countries Report, Canada was declared as the best country in the world in terms of quality education and life. By becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you are given the following benefits:

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Child Tax Benefits (CAD 800)
  • Pension/ Retirement Benefit
  • Citizenship after 3 years/ Dual Passport
  • Free Education for Kids (Grade 1-12)
  • And Free Healthcare InsuranceThose benefits that were mentioned above will surely be given to you once you become a permanent resident in Canada. Sounds good right?If you think that your points are not enough to become a permanent resident in Canada since this country has standardized qualifications for migrants, you can try European countries specifically Malta and Poland. Another great place where you can work and live. These places are great particularly if you’re looking for a job. Malta and Poland are considered to be one of the happiest and most accepting nations in the world with low qualifications required. You don’t need to prepare a lot of documents and degree credentials if you want to be in these places. These countries are also home to enough resources, high-quality education, free health care, low tax rates, low living costs, and quality of life similar to Canada and compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other nations.

    If you are a registered nurse and want to start a fulfilling career in the health care industry, the United Kingdom is the biggest country for you to settle in. As of 2021, the government welcomes nurses who are willing to devote their expertise and contribution to the country. A nation is considered to have well-structured hospitals. Another advantage of becoming a nurse in the UK is that you can travel with your family and enjoy the full benefits of becoming a UK resident. So, If you are a certified nurse why not work and the UK and earn more in this place.

    Do you own a business? Do you want to expand it to other countries? Try to go to Malta, Montenegro, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanuatu, and other European countries that offer an Investment Citizenship program to all those entrepreneurs who wish to migrate or set up their own business. You will literally discover and visit so many outstanding places in the world once you were able to have any of this Citizenship by investment program.

    With these advantages, surely that you are now thinking of more career prospects available to you. Working and living in other countries is not bad at all particularly if that’s for your good or for the benefit of all those who depend on you. Remember what Reverend David Beckmann said, “It is important for people to realize that we can make progress against world hunger, that world hunger is not hopeless. The worst enemy is apathy.” This saying reminds us that to combat hunger we need to take action. We need to work. We need to look for other and better opportunities but for us to do that, we should go out in our comfort zones. The world is wide, so explore. Go to a place where you think it’s the best place for you to live.
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