Other Countries vs. Canada

Every country has unique features, culture, heritage, and traditions brought about by certain influencers or colonizers. Canada on the other hand has some distinct advantages over other countries that make it the most loved country. Canada is a multicultural nation. Multiculturalism is a definition of many different religious, customs, and cultural forces in their integration and coexistence, resulting in a unique Canadian cultural mosaic. With approximately 40% of the population of neither British nor French descent by the 1980s. Now, how does Canada differs from other countries considering that it is driven by the waves of migration and multiculturalism? What makes Canada stand out from other amazing countries all over the globe?

In Canada, as opposed to other countries like America and those in Asia, the political structure is quite different. Canada is a Commonwealth headed by a Prime Minister while America is a presidential republic. Queen Elizabeth II is officially Canada’s Head of State. There are various political parties in the country and these are nationalist, independent, new democratic, and green. In Canada, however, one has absolute civil rights, religious freedom, personal freedom, and provincial sovereignty. When it comes to education, Canada ranked as the top study destination dated last January 2018 and October 2020 as opposed to the US.

Canada also has a tolerant stance towards abortion, women’s rights, and so forth. There is also a sense of mutual responsibility: sponsored affordable health care, gun control, humanitarian assistance, and other social services that are far different if compared to other countries. The value of Canada is completely different from other nations. According to its 15th Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, in his memoirs, Canada itself may now be described as a community in which all citizens are equal and share those fundamental values founded on democracy, and in which all Canadians can associate with the values of freedom and equality. This is because of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada, which was meant to be a source of Canadian ideals and national unity.

Canada, as a country with a democratic economy, has more potential to develop, and for this reason, refugees are more likely to migrate to Canada hoping that one day, they would be part of the country’s complete development and success. With their large factories, enterprises, and huge opportunities there is no doubt that this would surely happen.

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