In case of rejection by the Immigration and Visa Authorities, Gateway will refund the applicable amount as per stated in the agreement. The refund will be made within 45 to 60 working days after the client forwards an email requesting for Refund  to Gateway. Client must enclose a copy of the letter of rejection from the Authority to support the Refund Claim. If a client fails to enclose a copy of the rejection letter or rejection stamp on the client’s passport, Gateway will not refund the applicable refund amount. Client also must enclose the refund request, a copy of his/her receipt for payment made to Gateway. 

Failure to enclose these documents will make the client ineligible for the refund. In case of the visa being rejected on the following grounds, no refund shall be made.

  • Medical
  • Security
  • Misrepresentation
  • Insufficient information
  • Insufficient funds
  • Point lost on language
  • Point lost on education because of non-accredited
  • False credential
  • Where in the case officer was not satisfied with the evidence furnished by the applicant
  • Non-submission of complete/required documents from client’s side within stipulated time changes introduced by the relevant Government office which may retroactively affect the client’s case
  • Non-cooperation from client’s or client’s dependents side and any other violation of the contractual clause.

It is understood that submission of an application in Gateway is never generic, routine, and/or time-bound. The concerned case officer may call for additional documents, as per the changing requirements of the process, and may request for further submission of such additional documents to the concerned immigration authorities. Any request for a refund on these grounds will not be entertained.

The client should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of Gateway fee to a friend or a relative will be done in the event he or she abandons his/her application or decides to opt-out due to any reason during the proceedings after he/she signs-up.

Gateway VISA Solutions has the right to terminate/withdraw their services without refund of service fee if the applicant:

  1. Does not submit all documents within the stipulated time
  2. Tries to malign the name of the company in whatsoever manner, which tampers the functioning of the business or reputation.
  3. Does not respond to the mails and calls made by the company for more than a month.
  4. Backs out due to personal reasons.
  5. Failure in medicals of the client or his family members included in the application form.
  6. Failure to provide a genuine Police Clearance Certificate which is not less than 3 months old
  7. Failure to provide sufficient funds for settlement or maintenance by the client or his/her family members included in the application
  8. Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the client or any of his or her family members included in the application
  9. Late submission of any additional documents requested by the consulate at a later stage.
  10. The client hereby agrees and understands the deliverables of the service signed up for, and hence will not initiate a chargeback (applicable only for Card Payments)