The Best Places to Visit in Malta

Traveling is one of the most relaxing and exciting things to do, particularly if you want to learn more about the world, or even if you’ve had difficulties in this crazy world where you’d like to escape for a while. Imagine you’re sitting on the seashore listening to the waves of the deep ocean, and then loving how the sweet breeze of the air touches your overused self. Isn’t that amazing?

There are many fascinating places all over the world nowadays where you can enjoy regardless if you want to be alone or not. One of those is Malta especially if you are looking for a place where you can travel freely without any high qualifications required. Let us discover Malta’s hidden natural Landscapes, colorful beaches, and a stress–free farm where you can feasibly enjoy your vacation or out-of-town stay.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, and you want to see where the first season of the TV series was filmed, go to the city of Mdina on the island of Malta, San Anton Gardens, Verdala Palace, Fort Saint Angelo, and Fort Ricasoli. From these places, you’ll feel like you’re going to be one of the most legendary characters in the film, where you can take your best shots.

When you feel like you want to swim in the very relaxing and clear water ever seen, where you can cool off, visit the Blue Lagoon, one of the top tourist attractions for all those beachgoers. You can dive inside the cave from there, and admire its cool rocky structure.

Another popular location in Malta where you can go on a day tour is in Camino, a tiny island between Malta and Gozo that consists of incredible sceneries. In this place, you will have the privilege to have an all-day boat trip visiting the magical seas and islands.

For those who want to have a wonderful adventure in Malta, you can try to visit Merril Eco-Tours, a social enterprise that offers alternative experiences for locals and visitors who want to enjoy the environment, culture, history, and traditions of the Maltese Islands. The place presents locally made goods and has a farm where you can enjoy a variety of food that could fill your belly.

There are many wonderful places you can visit in Malta, those are really just primary examples that would probably tickle your imagination if you were to visit the country. With its breathtaking places, surely, you will fully enjoy your entire staycation and out-of-town relaxation trip.

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