Fascinating Facts About The United Kingdom

Often Great Britain confuses individuals about its identity and is mistaken for the United Kingdom. Great Britain is what you call the three-nation composing England, Scotland, and Wales, while the United Kingdom is the four-nation, including Northern Ireland. It is a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth II, with Boris Johnson heading a parliamentary government. The U.K. capital. London is where the Queen governs 65,105,246 of its people.In terms of entertainment, the United Kingdom contributes greatly. The comedy MR. BEAN, starring actor Rowan Atkinson, is one such. This sitcom is composed of 15 episodes by Atkinson, Curtis, and Robin Driscoll that were written. As a form of entertainment and stress reliever, this sitcom has become part of each person and this sitcom still exists and is being watched until the present.

The HARRY POTTER series of seven fantasy novels are also from the United Kingdom, published by the British author J.K. From Rowling. Each person does not deny the fact that, if ever, this fantasy novel becomes part of their lives and still awaits its upcoming comeback series. The SHERLOCK HOLMES is another piece from the UK.

Holmes is a fictional detective and refers to himself as a “consulting detective” written by Sir Arthur Conan, a British author. James Bond, a fictional British Secret Agent, is another popular novel from the UK. It is a compilation of novels, films, comics, and video games written by Ian Fleming, a British journalist, and writer. William Shakespeare, the actor, playwright, poet, and brilliant writer is also from the UK. He is sometimes referred to as England’s national poet, generally known for his great literary works, such as the popular Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear, which are mostly tragedies.

Besides popular authors, novels, films, and other literary works, the United Kingdom is also known for its unique inventions, which are found only in its own country. One of these is the red telephone box. It is a public style telephone booth designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. Its red color is intended to make it easier to find. While its number has declined these days, it can still be seen in some places in the United Kingdom. Another is the box for the pillar. It is a type of free-standing mailbox found in the United Kingdom and the former nations of the British Empire.

The AEC Routemaster is another invention of the United Kingdom. It is a 52-72 double-decked bus, which can only be found in their country made by the Associated Equipment Company and designed by London Transport. London has one of the largest and oldest transport networks in this regard. Apart from the iconic red double-decker busses, London has 270 London Underground stations with more than 400 escalators.

Every person is definitely familiar with Stonehenge. It is an ancient landmark located in Wiltshire, England, consisting of a ring of standing stones about 13 feet high and 7 feet wide, believed to have existed about 3000 BC, which means it is older than the Pyramid of Egypt.

There is a possibility in the United Kingdom that the Queen would welcome you with a happy birthday for a resident of the United Kingdom who is 100-105 years old. The Queen did it via a telegram before this new technology. But now, these days, it’s a personalized card. The Library of Congress, based in London, is the largest library in the world with more than 170 million items. Established in 1800, it was also the oldest federal cultural institution in the country.

There are only few facts about the UK listed above that will definitely intrigue you and make you think that the United Kingdom is a beautiful and special country in which you want to live. In addition, United Kingdom has a lot more to offer, so if you are planning to work and live in this country I bet you never think longer.

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