Cultural Diversity in Canada

Canada is one of the most adored countries in the whole world, not just because of its breathtaking places and sceneries, but also because of its people and its culture. Their culture has been primarily influenced by British and European beliefs and traditions. Based on the National Household Survey in 2011, Canada has more than 200 ethnic origins. It created a society of mixed language, culture, and religion.

Thus, Canada is an assortment or a multicultural society formed and shared by various ethnicities and different countries. For thousands of years, Canada established a great foundation for its ethnic groups. The custom, languages, and religion of indigenous French, British, and other immigrants formed the colorful culture, and identity of Canada. They are shaped by the waves of migration that brought the country to be more multicultural and diverse.

Multiculturalism in Canada occurs either naturally through immigration. This multiculturalism was supported and bonded during the Pierre Trudeau, known as the Multiculturalism Act, and the Broadcasting Act of 1991. A set of concepts and ideas about the essence of Canada’s cultural diversity or a level that recognizes the importance of multicultural diversity of every people living in the country. This Act serves as the groundwork that helps people to live harmoniously, builds a sense of trust, and respect towards each other.

As time passed, Canada becomes a model of multiculturalism because of the manner that many amazing cultures are being integrated into the country yearly since the Canadian Government continuously welcomes a lot of immigrants and foreign workers.

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