Study in Canada as an International Student

Study in Canada | 2 Easy Steps

Studying in Canada as an International Student may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple. Today, we’ll teach you the basic steps to becoming an international student in Canada.

First, you must obtain a letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution. Second, you could then apply for a study permit.

This application will be submitted to the Government of Canada where a visa officer will review your file to determine if you meet the requirements. What exactly are they looking for? Let us divide it into three major categories:

1. Your motivation for learning and how a specific program will help you achieve your job goals at home.

2. Can you afford to pay your tuition and living expenses?

3. Will you leave Canada and return to your home country after graduation?

An officer will also evaluate language skills, previous visa refusals, travel history, work prospects, and other considerations.

Avoid squandering money on visa refusals caused by inefficient processes and a lack of counsel. Consult a competent consultant near you.

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